Vietnam is one of the last emerging markets in Southeast Asia with a current population of over 80 million, and which has been exposed to western trade for just over 15 years. As a manufacturing economy, the country is much smaller than neighboring China but is a good complementary, overspill and niche market with several distinct advantages such as its abundance of raw materials and its fully integrated manufacturing tradition, offering fast lead times and good quality.
The country has a highly educated, motivated and young labour force, of which 50% is under 30. Vietnam has ample natural resources and, due to its socialist past, manufacturing is vertically integrated using mostly local materials.

Vietnam has a stable foreign policy and political framework and is well integrated in world trade flows. The population is mostly Buddhist and the country has not suffered from religious or political unrest, with no strikes or riots in recent years. The country has 2.000 miles of coastline, five seaports and 4 international airports with an absence of earthquakes, volcanoes or typhoons that may disrupt production.